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DÄMMERUNG - CRÉPUSCULE : a search for traces in Central Africa (work in progress)

In my mother’s attic I discovered the writings and historical photographs of my great-grandfather,
who a hundred years ago (1909-14) had been with the so-called Schutztruppen (colonial forces) in
German colonial Cameroon where he went on border expeditions and carried out surveys.
On the eve of the First World War there was a German-French border expedition the aim of which
was to occupy a part of French Equatorial Africa (French Congo) as a German Colony and survey it.
The very matter-of-fact descriptions provide an insight into an era that was marked by colonial hubris.
They also give expression, however, to the desire for justice and human action.
Between the lines an imaginary door opens, recalling Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.

This material was the point of departure for further research and a journey that took me in 2012 to the
extreme north of Cameroon and the bordering country of Tchad. From there began a search for traces
in an effort to give space to my own feelings and at the same time reflect the locations in the here and now.
The City of Munich project grant for visual arts enabled me to undertake this first journey and a selection
of works were exhibited 2013 at the Photography Collection of the City of Munich Museum.

The shown photographs are still work in progress, and a further journey to Central Africa is planned to
complete the project.

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