Andreas Lang Photography

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Cameroon and Kongo. In search of traces and Phantom Geography - David Van Reybrouck, opening speech to the exhibition at Deutsches Historisches Museum, september 2016

Le silence étonné
. paysages d' Andréas Lang - Cécile Wajsbrot, opening speech to the exhibition at Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, september 2016

- Cécile Wajsbrot sur les photographies d' Andréas Lang, lecture a la Fondation Alfred Ehrhardt, novembre 2016

Topographies with a Memory
- Hans-Michael Koetzle, Andréas Lang’s landscape photography, essay from the catalogue „Eclipse“, Munich 2008

On liminality and other alluring places
- Nico Anklam, text on the exhibition at Podbielski Contemporary gallery, Berlin 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole and up the Mountain
- Nico Anklam, text from the catalogue essay "Kraft, Lang, Hast & Altmann, Munich 2011