Andreas Lang Photography

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Being and Between. European Scenes 2009 - 2017 - Priya Basil, Text zur Ausstellung im Literaturhaus Berlin, Mai 2018

Cameroon and Kongo. In search of traces and Phantom Geography
David Van Reybrouck, opening speech to the exhibition at Deutsches Historisches Museum, september 2016

Le silence étonné
. paysages d' Andréas Lang - Cécile Wajsbrot, opening speech to the exhibition at Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, september 2016

- Cécile Wajsbrot sur les photographies d' Andréas Lang, lecture a la Fondation Alfred Ehrhardt, novembre 2016

Topographies with a Memory
- Hans-Michael Koetzle, Andréas Lang’s landscape photography, essay from the catalogue „Eclipse“, Munich 2008

On liminality and other alluring places
- Nico Anklam, text on the exhibition at Podbielski Contemporary gallery, Berlin 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole and up the Mountain
- Nico Anklam, text from the catalogue essay "Kraft, Lang, Hast & Altmann, Munich 2011